Lining Things Up

An interview show featuring the creatives & entrepreneurs building the digital economy of Vancouver and British Columbia.

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Lining Things Up

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Jeff Ward of Intigi

Jeff Ward: The Majority

Parent-entrepreneur advocate Jeff Ward is a web app developer living in Victoria. He has created many products over the years including YikeSite and Intigi. We talk about “Superhero Tricks For Startup Parents” and tips for working from home with kids (see this video referenced in the show). Jeff mentions the Comox Valley Web Posse and we talk about the aboriginal startup scene.

Ashley Ramsay of Accelerate Okanagan

Ashley Ramsay: Big Human Gluestick

Community Manager for Accelerate Okanagan, Ashley Ramsay has had a long history in tech managing groups of people and focussing them on a goal. We talk about what AccelerateOK offers entrepreneurs both in and out of the Okanagan, the challenges facing startups in the valley, the role of a community manager, and about women in tech.

Stephan Wiedner of Noomi

Stephan Wiedner: Be of service

A life coach for entrepreneurs, Stephan Wiedner is co-founder of, and may have been the only entrepreneur in his business school. We talk about starting a business and government programs for startups, the pivot(s), getting to know your client base, helping teens get the bug of entrepreneurialism and the Buddha on ethical business.

Shane Austin of co+Lab

Shane Austin: Jump in

Moving his family and web design business Pixel Savvy to Kelowna BC in 2009, Shane Austin quickly engaged the tech community in the Okanagan, going on to cofound the OKDG and Digital Okanagan. He also cofounded co+Lab, a shared workspace with a collaborative twist. We talk about transitioning to the Okanagan, and what the community has to offer.

Daryl Chymko of OKDG

Daryl Chymko: Social Nerds

A freelance web developer based in Kelowna, Daryl Chymko banded with a few others to cofound the Okanagan Developer Group, helping to bring Okanagan's tech community together. He is also cofounder of co+Lab, Kelowna's hi-tech shared workspace. We talk about community, events and Startup Weekend (see the video). Meet him and many others in the Okanagan tech community at Digital Okanagan's Spring into Summer Social.

Nigel Brooke of Steam Clock Software

Nigel Brooke: Not giving up life

After spending 14 years in the games industry with Radical Entertainment, Nigel Brooke co-founded Steam Clock Software with previous LTU interviewee Allen Pike. We get a little update on their app Prism and Nigel talks us through making the transition from big company to small start-up, all with a family, a little drama, and the Conservation of Useful Work Principle.

Jesse Heaslip

Jesse Heaslip: NDA is a dirty, dirty word

Renowned for organizing numerous events for the tech community in Vancouver, Jesse Heaslip ( is a local entrepreneur whose most recent product is Intro-Up. In this episode he talks about how he wants to fix Vancouver, how his co-founded venture HackHut may help, meeting people in the real world and the history of

Rick Perreault of Unbounce

Rick Perreault: Talk to Customers

Coming from a background in web design and marketing, Rick Perreault co-founded Unbounce to scratch an itch felt by many people trying to do promotion online. Rick talks to us about the benefits of landing pages and how they help to validate marketing campaigns or even product ideas. Moreover, Rick expounds on the importance of interacting with (potential) customers, even before launching your product.

Allen Pike of Steam Clock Software

Allen Pike: Old fashioned

Starting out as an entrepreneur at a very young age, Allen Pike has been through many iterations before co-founding Steamclock Software. In this week's program Allen talks to us about taking the leap from a big company to doing your own thing, how products can change, the problem with releasing universal iOS apps and the pros of self-funding and the studio model.

Paul Lambert of Matygo

Paul Lambert: 1 customer is worth a 100 users

Experimentation, validation and traction are what we talk about this week with Paul Lambert, co-founder of online education startup matygo. Other topics include challenges of marketplace businesses, Paul's experience with startup accelerator GrowLab, and what not to do on demo day.

Derek Shanahan of Foodtree

Derek Shanahan: Changing Food

Derek Shanahan is co-founder of Foodtree, a startup dedicated to transparency in the food system. Originally from Chicago, Derek came to Vancouver to participate in Bootup Labs with his co-founder Anthony Nicalo. In this episode Derek talks about soccer, food data standards, how quick a startup should start up, lead customer strategy and making money while making social change.

Jamie Seward of Ironclad Games

Jamie Seward: If it's fun to me...

PC game designer and developer Jamie Seward talks about the games industry in Vancouver, the role of higher education in the software industry, forming his own games studio, and building the games he wants to play. His company Ironclad Games developed the award-winning Sins of a Solar Empire.

Cristian Strat of Summify

Cristian Strat: A bias towards action

Cristian Strat is a hacker and entrepreneur who founded Summify with his fellow Romanian Mircea Pa┼čoi. Together they came to Vancouver from Romania as applicants of local startup accelerator Bootup Labs. Cristian joins us to talk about building corporate culture in a startup, raising money and equity, and the importance of prototyping your ideas.

Martin Ertl of Contractually

Martin Ertl: Thriving

From lawyer to startup entrepreneur, Martin Ertl founded to make the legal experience for small businesses “welcoming, simple and delightful.” In this episode we spoke of the legal challenges early startups face, meeting with others in the startup community and the entrepreneurial spirit in Vancouver. (Photo by Jeremy Lim)